White Pines

Yesterday was a travel day in order to head south from Taupo to the Hawke’s Bay region where Clint and Ngai live near the foothills of the Ruhine Range. It was always going to be a long driving day compared to previous days, though at just a shade over 2.5 hours, Harrison found it “painful” to say the least. He does not enjoy long drives though we tried to break it down with a few stops here and there. The phrase “are we there yet?” was uttered many times.

We stopped at Hawkes Bay Seafoods for lunch where we enjoyed crumbed fish and salad before heading inland on highway 50 to where Clint and Ngai live. Unfortunately, during the journey it was time to get some ordinary weather and about an hour after leaving Taupo it started to drizzle. This continued until we reached White Pines where it’s been drizzling since. Clint and Ngai recently moved from Shearer’s Quarters just down the road to White Pines which is a much larger house. The cows have come too, as has the dog and cat.

The view out the lounge room window towards the Tuki-tuki River

We intend to stay here a few days to catch up with family then return north, possibly to Taupo as the camper park there was very good and there’s a few things to do around there. I’d like to see some of the geothermal activity up close and may take a walk through Craters of the Moon.

Clint runs a small heard of Black Angus (Lowline) cattle, commonly known as McD’s here in NZ as they usually make their way to McDonald’s for their Black Angus burger. They’re calving at the moment so there’s a few young calves around, though with the cool, rainy weather they’re not going far from their mothers. Harrison hasn’t been able to get up close to one but hopefully later today he might.

Some of the Black Angus cattle and their calves

While in Waihi I picked up a book on special called Lost Gold – it’s about the search for a lost reef of gold in the NW area of the South Island near Mt Domett. It’s set around the town of Karamea (click the link to see it in Google Earth – rugged country!) and features many of the pioneering families from that area. One of them is the McNabb family – upon reading this I remembered I worked with a McNabb​ (John) in Gosowong and that he was from around that area. I managed to get in touch with him via email and found out he now had a phone in his house, a recent addition given they’ve just run fibre to the small town. So I called him using my free minutes and had a good chat about what he’s been up to and also the story of lost gold. I asked him not to tell me the ending of the story as I’m about 1/3 the way through, but I gather the gold is still lost otherwise John would be rolling in it.

Time to go get some wood for the fire box. Harrison’s chance to go for a ride on the tractor during passing showers. (Jason)

A small load to fill the fire box for the next few days

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