Taupo (again)

First, a message from our sponsors.

Well, not actually a sponsor but they might as well be. Moa Beer is a Marlborough based (South Island) craft brewery which brews great beers. Tonight I’m having a Southern Alps White IPA which is a cross between a Belgian white beer and an India Pale Ale. Quite a nice blend given it’s a strange marriage of styles. New Zealand has so many craft beers on offer and I try to sample as many of them as I can as we travel around the place. Different areas have their various beers, just like Queensland has XXXX and NSW Tooheys.

Today we travelled back from Clint and Ngai’s to Taupo, and even though we took the same road it didn’t seem to take as long (i.e. no complaining from Harrison). We broke the journey up with a stop for lunch at a rest stop which was about half way. We actually wanted to stop earlier but do you think we could find a rest stop! When you don’t want one they are everywhere! We had the lunch we bought at Waipukurau which was very nice. Julie’s chicken, bacon and cambembert pita pocket was heated in the oven, along with Harrison cheesy\bacon roll. My roast beef and pickle sandwiches were just fine out of the packet.

FullSizeRender 4
A selfie at our lunch stop

We actually managed to overtake a few trucks through some fluid driving by yours truly. Masterful piece of work to overtake a B-Double in a campervan if I do say so myself – got to love overtaking lanes and a tail wind. Along the road to Taupo Ngai suggested we stop at Waipunga Falls which are about 50kms south-east of Taupo. We’re glad we did as even though the weather wasn’t the best, the falls were still spectacular and we were the only ones there.

Waipunga Falls

Once we arrived at Taupo the first thing was to find Harrison a pair of thongs, or as they call them here, jandals. Julie found this out when she went into the shop to ask for thongs and got a strange look. After two shops it looked like we weren’t going to be successful, but good ole Rebel Sports came through with a pair of State of Origin Qld Maroons thongs at that! Good to see they have taste here.

So it’s another night at Taupo in the Top 10 park – we’ve already been in the pool and hot spa and I’d say we’ll probably be back there tonight after dinner. It’s expected to drop to 6 degrees tonight and colder again on Wednesday night – looks like we’ll get some cold weather after all. (Jason)


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