White Pines – day 2

Yesterday was spent mostly around White Pines, though we did take a trip into Waipawa and Waipukurau to look around the shops and grab a few groceries. Of course Harrison found the local park and had to have a play.

FullSizeRender 2
Harrison in the park at Waipawa 

We visited the bakery in Waipukurau recommended to us by Clint and grabbed a few pies for lunch. The pork and kumara pie was very nice and Harrison enjoyed his mini mince pies. Julie grabbed a mini sausage roll for herself from the other bakery in town. I think we might have to drop by there today on our way past.

Once back at White Pines it was time to take advantage of the sunshine so we did a few loads of washing over lunch, then took a stroll to the river which is about 400m from the house. Mellie the dog joined us as she loves the walk and a splash in the river, and Harrison had a splash of his own when he slipped on a rock and lost his footing. He’s minus a thong now so it looks like we’ll be off shopping for a new pair once in Taupo.

I took some photos on the walk which are below. There’s a small forest of Totara trees on the way down to the river which has a certain Lord of the Rings feel to it as you can see. There’s also a photo of the view from the other side of the farm looking to the south-west over the Ruhine Range.

The Totara forest…
The Tuki Tuki River
Looking towards the Ruhine Range

Yesterday was Clint’s birthday so I cooked dinner for all by making a seafood chowder. Today is another travel day as we head back to Taupo. We had a look at our options for the last week of our holiday, but Taupo is a favourite spot and the recently improved camper park makes it hard to go past. There are also some activities in Taupo we’d like to do, so it makes sense to head back there and hopefully get some good weather.

Just before we left Clint’s we moved the cows to a new paddock for some fresh grass. Soon after the newest calf came over to see what the brown calf (Mellie the dog) was all about.

FullSizeRender 3
Calf meets Mellie

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