Waitomo Caves

Today’s travels took us from Taupo to Waitomo via the back roads – my idea of a short cut. Initially I was quite nervous as it wasn’t the normal way you’d go, but it turned out to be quite picturesque and saved us 30 minutes from the normal route. We went straight to the caves where we thought there was a homestead that served lunch. Google Maps wasn’t that specific as to its location but we ended up having lunch at the caves centre which was quite nice.

FullSizeRender 5
Our lunch at the Waitomo Caves Cafe
As we were early (thanks to my short cut!) we decided to do the cave tour this afternoon rather than tomorrow morning. We did the glow-worm cave tour which was the one we did many years ago though Harrison was too young to remember. Unfortunately you can’t take photos so you’ll have to take our word for it, or visit for yourselves. The 45 minute tour turned into just over 1 hour as our tour group was quite large and not enough boats at the end. Though when a boat did become available it was quite spectacular to see the thousands of glow-worms on th cave ceiling. 

After leaving the caves tour we went back to the camper park which is only 500m away. We’ve stayed here at the Waitomo Top 10 before and enjoyed the park as it’s very neat and tidy – nestled in the hills around the caves; quite a little paradise. Since our last visit a brewery has popped up next door – the King Country Brewery Company which is part of the Huhu Cafe.

Waitomo Top 10 camper park – our van to the left of centre.
As I write this there are many more vans streaming into the park. Obviously these are people who have just done the caves tour and are now looking for a place for the night. Tonight’s dinner is home-made Black Angus sausages courtesy of Clint and Ngai’s Black Angus (Lowlines) cattle – cheers to you both! (Jason)


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