Singapore Day 3 – SEA Aquarium

Today was the first day we’ve had to visit some of the tourist attractions in Singapore. Even though we’ve been to Sentosa Island a few times before, we’ve not been to the SEA Aquarium. As well as being a huge indoor aquarium, Pokemon also had an exhibition there so it was a definite must do. We caught the MRT from Novena to Harbourfront and arrived at the Sentosa Express, a monorail that takes people across to the island, one of the many options available. It was quite crowded though the lines moved quickly through the ticketing area and we only had to wait 3-4 minutes for our monorail. Once on the island it was obvious the majority of the people were going to Universal Studios as the crowd converged around the famous globe. The first section is all about those countries that have depended on the sea for trade and commerce and it was good to see Oman represented. After all it is home to Sinbad the Sailor.

Omani Khanjar
Omani craftsman making a Khanjar
Julie and an Omani camel

Once inside the aquarium there were many displays showing the various seascapes found around the world, including the fish and plant life typical of that environment. Australia was well represented with a coral reef display, as well as a South Australian seascape with sea horses. The main aquarium was huge and would have contained hundreds of fish from sharks, manta rays and tuna to smaller reef fish of all shapes and sizes.

Australian reef display
Main aquarium

Harrison and Julie then went to the Pokemon exhibition which I’m sure was a hit, but Julie though the aquarium was the better of the two. For lunch we were lucky to find a Din Tai Fung right next to the aquarium. It was that busy we had a 20 minute wait but it was well worth it. While waiting for our table Julie was spotted by a group of Indonesian students who were in Singapore for language lessons. I think it’s her blonde hair that attracts the attention, especially here in Singapore.

Indonesian students

We’re now back at the apartment relaxing on the roof top lounges as the afternoon storm builds up.


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