And we have arrived!

After 26 hours of travelling via Sydney, San Francisco to Salt Lake City, we have arrived complete with luggage and sanity. The longest leg from Sydney to San Francisco wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be. Business class obviously helped, but by the time they served the various courses for dinner and an aperitif, we were already 3 hours into the flight. Soon it was time for bed in my Qantas-supplied designer PJs and I was out like a light – for 2 hours! After that I lay wide awake for a few hours but managed to snooze a few times until breakfast was served. Julie managed to get 4-5 hours sleep so she’s definitely more spritely than me as we sit here in the hotel in Salt Lake City.

The flight from SFO to SLC was late departing but the flight time was reduced due to some high winds, so it was just over and hour when we started to see the snow-capped peaks that fringe Salt Lake City. It’s quite a picturesque city to fly into as it sits in a basin surrounded by mountains.

Salt Lake City from the air

The drive from the airport to SLC was quite nerve wracking given it’s been years since I drove on the right, but luckily a shuttle bus for the hotels left before us so we just followed it. The temperature here is 22 with tonight predicted to drop down to about 5.

It’s time for a shower, dinner at the restaurant, and a soft bed so I’ll leave you with some photos of our journey so far. It’s not the longest blog entry for such an exciting few days, but with 2 hours sleep in 26 it’s all I can manage for now.

The Wasatch Range from our hotel window
The Wasatch Range from our hotel window
Salt Lake City airport and mountains

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