In and around Elko, Nevada

Today was spent looking around Elko at the available accommodation and schooling. We’d already done some research before leaving Australia as to what was available, so finding those places was easy. There are several new apartments complexes in Elko, all offering 2 or 3 bedroom apartments in a complex style. Tomorrow we’ll meet with the caretakers of each complex to take a look inside a typical apartment.

We also drove past the middle school Harrison will go to. It looked quite neat and new, and overall much better than a typical Australian school. Obviously we’ll need to go inside in the coming days as you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

We had a nice lunch in downtown Elko today with my new manager and his wife. Very nice home made food in a small cafe-style dining setting. Big shout out to McAdoo’s for the great lunch – sorry we took so long to order! Downtown was quiet today being Sunday so we were able to park outside the cafe with no problems. A few weeks ago I caught up with another Newmont employee who had just visited Elko for the first time. I asked him what the town was like. He described it as a place where time has stood still since 1950. I didn’t know if that was good or bad, so I asked. He said in a good way. After walking around downtown today I can see what he means. The saloons and casinos give it that “movie set” look.

We went for a drive to Spring Creek after lunch as we’ve been told it’s a nice place to consider living. It’s about 20 mins from Elko so if you want to go shopping you have to consider the distance – it’s not as convenient as living in Elko, but offers larger blocks, some as as big as 5 acres, with the Ruby Mountains as the backdrop. I can see why people would want to live here. With a backdrop like the Ruby Mountains, you’d think you were living in another world.

Tomorrow is Monday here so we’ll be busy meeting people from Newmont and the moving service.

Elko’s backdrop – the Ruby Mountains

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