Are we there yet?

It’s been a while since our last post, mainly as we’ve been busy preparing for the move to Nevada. A lot has had to happen to get us to where we are now, just 2 weeks away from flying out. The visa has been approved and is in the passports, the packers arrive next week, one car has been sold, and most of our contents we’re not taking have been sold as well. Even Justin the Siamese Fighting Fish has found a new home.

In the past few days I’ve been in regular touch with people in the Elko office at Newmont, and it’s clear from talking to them they’d like me there earlier than we’ve planned given the amount of work that’s going on. So, we thought we’d see if we could change our flights to arrive a few days earlier. As it was we were going to be driving into Elko on the Monday mid-morning and I would have been heading straight to the office to sign some papers, then across to the social security office to get our number, then onto a compulsory 3-day course for mine workers (held at a casino, of course!) that you need to complete before stepping onto a mine site. Before we know it the first week would have been gone. And somewhere in amongst all that I would need to get a handover from my manager as he’s been allocated to a special project for 12 months and I’m doing his role.

We put some flight options forward to the travel people in Denver yesterday just in case there was a chance we could change, though given the time zone difference we don’t usually get to see their email responses until after we wake in the morning, and that only leaves an hour or two to correspond with any information. For some reason Julie woke at 12:30am this morning and made the mistake of looking at her phone. Waiting was a response with some flights options (not one of the ones we put forward though) and 14 emails later we’ve (I should say Julie) managed to get flights leaving Perth two days earlier than planned. They’re still with Singapore Airlines but now going to LAX via Singapore then Tokyo. We weren’t that impressed with LAX last time, mainly as transiting from domestic to international required a huge walk between terminals, so we’ll need to do some research this time around shuttle buses.

The change of flights will now see us arrive two days earlier which will allow us time to settle into our apartment and not have to rush on the first day. We still need to do all the activities on the Monday, and I still need to do the 3-day MSHA course, but at least we will have a few days to settle prior to the mad week.

I’ve been watching the weather in Elko over the past few weeks to work out what clothes we need to take as we’ll be living out of suitcases until our airfreight arrives. Even though they are heading into summer, there’s still snow around and just two days ago they had 2″ of snow. Apparently this is normal for the end of May and it’s been suggested there’s still a little more to come around the week we arrive. That should then signal the start of summer though we’ll need a jumper for the cool nights. Makes it hard for packing when you have to cater for so many seasons as well as work clothes!


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