And we have arrived!

After a smooth and effortless trip across the Pacific from Perth via Singapore and Tokyo, we arrived at Los Angeles. We knew getting through immigration was going to be a chore as we’d read a few articles about clearing immigration, but little did we know just how bad it was going to be. We thought arriving just after lunch would help as the peak time is early morning when all the flights from Asia\Australia arrive, but we must have hit an ‘unusual’ time. The queue to get into the right queue was huge, and if we didn’t ask a few of the people helping direct the crowds, we could have been there longer. Luckily they took pity on us (it must be because we’re Australian) as it still took us 70-80 mins to get through immigration. Our visas were activated, we grabbed our bags, and breezed through customs to then make the trip to the domestic terminal for our American Airlines flight to Salt Lake City. Take it from us, if you can avoid LAX, do it. Going through SFO was much better the first time around.

Luckily the flight was delayed which gave us more time to get through security (you might as well take everything off for the metal detector!) and we even had time for a beer\champagne. Once on the American Eagle (code share with American Airlines) flight we found the hostess to be very friendly – one of those hostesses you see on videos that make you say “why can’t we get one of those on our next flight”. She had every type of move for the safety briefing and even gave us personalised paper napkins for our drinks. Such an enjoyable flight after nearly 30 hours of traveling.

Our personalised paper napkins

Once in Salt Lake City we grabbed our hire car and headed for the hotel which is not far from the airport. After a late dinner we hit the sack hoping for a restful night. Both Julie and I woke in the early hours of the morning, obviously as our body clocks were still out, though Harrison slept like a log. We managed to go back to sleep and woke again at 8:30am – it’s been a while since we’ve slept that late!

It was now time for the road trip to Elko – a 3-hour car journey. Harrison was interested in the first 30 mins, but after that it was all very ‘boring’. We did see some nice landscapes though with most of the high mountains still covered in snow. It’s strange seeing snow when the outside temperature is in the 30s C.

Heading out of Salt Lake City

Near Wells in Nevada

Just after noon we arrived in Elko and went straight to lunch at our favourite Mexican resturant, Dos Amigos. Harrison got to try the meals we loved when here in March. It was then onto the shops for some basic groceries and then off to our apartment at Rabbitbrush Run. We soon found it and it wasn’t long before we had the bags inside and were unpacking for our stay for the next 2 months. Our first night here has been quite good as it’s nice and quiet despite being in a complex of about 60 apartments all in blocks of 6. Tomorrow we’re off to look at car yards while they’re closed to see what deals we might have for purchasing a new car.


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