Ogden, Utah

Day one of our two day trip to Utah saw us cross the border at Wendover and head across the Bonneville salt flats. Last time we were here Harrison wasn’t convinced the salt was real salt so we stopped this time to show him. Sure enough he discovered it was real salt and even tasted like salt. As we gain an hour when we cross the Utah border, it wasn’t long before the tummies started grumbling and the lookout for lunch started. Unfortunately when you’re on the interstate doing 80mph, you just can’t pull over anywhere to eat. As it is there isn’t many places to eat except if you want the usual fast food. We decided we’d wait till we got nearer Ogden before having lunch.

Julie did some research on her phone and found a place that did burgers, steaks and drinks. We were very excited when we got inside and saw the menu, but not so excited when the waitress told us that our Australian driver’s license wasn’t sufficient ID for the purchase of alcoholic drinks! You can imagine how we felt when we were asked for ID, but then turned down! Utah have very strict licensing laws and everyone, no matter how old, is asked for ID. If you have none, no drinks. Even the man beside us, who was clearly in his 70s, was asked for ID. It’s normally this strict as we’ve stayed at a hotel in Salt Lake City before and were never asked for ID, though we did give them our passport which may have satisfied them.

So we had our lunch and left full on food and water and headed to the Hill Aerospace Museum, our reason for heading to this part of Utah. The museum is on the outskirts of the Hill Air Force Base and contains an indoor and outdoor area displaying various aircraft from the Wright Brothers through to modern fighters. Of course they also have a gift shop and we just had to get ourselves some souvenirs – the usual T-shirt for me, magnetic for the fridge for Julie and tons of stuff for Harrison.

After the museum it was time to find our hotel in downtown Ogden. After our refusal for a drink at lunch, we were concerned that the hotel would take the same approach. Once at the hotel I mentioned to Julie that I saw signs for beer at the service station we filled up at earlier, so we went back to see if we could manage to get some. Sure enough, the Australian accent got the lady interested in where we were from which enabled us to get away with our WA driver’s license as ID. Suffice it to say there was no wine so Julie had to make do with some of the local ale (which is quite nice!).

Tomorrow is day two in Utah with plans to visit a dinosaur park, though like most plans, they could change at any minute.


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