Lunch at 9000ft – Snowbasin and Huntsville

As I suspected yesterday, day two of our road trip changed soon after we woke this morning. Whilst having breakfast I asked the waiter what the road through the Ogden Canyon was like. He said “oh yeah, it’s nice and pretty up there”. So we took his word for it and gave the dinosaur park a miss (which he said wasn’t worth it) and headed up the canyon after checking out of the hotel.

The road up is windy and narrow but quite scenic with many holiday homes and cabins stuck to the side of the canyon by the river. Once at the top it opens out to a flat plain surrounded by mountains that in winter would be covered in snow and skiers. In the middle of it all is a reservoir which was dotted with all sorts of water craft, from paddle boards to speed boats pulling skiers of the water type.

We headed to a little town called Huntsville where we’d researched the night before a smoked BBQ place that looked good for lunch. After playing some ball in the park (Harrison thinks playing baseball might be fun!) we walked over to a little shop that hired out water craft to the public, but it was obvious that during winter it hired mainly skis and clothing. Julie asked about the local area for skiing and we were pointed to Snowbasin which is a ski resort complete with various types of ski runs from beginner to advanced. Some of the 2002 Winter Olympics were held here.

After further research we found there was a resturant up there that was open during the summer and decided that’s where we’ll have lunch instead – at 9000ft so their website said. After a few wrong turns and some navigation errors, we finally found Snowbasin, and it was then that we realised after walking into the main area that the resturant can only be accessed via a ski gondola to the top of the mountain. Cool we said! Though not so cool for Harrison who doesn’t like anything vaguely resembling risk or excitement.

Harrison was overruled so up the mountain side we went. At the top were stunning views of the valleys, reservoir and Wasatch mountains. Lunch was pretty good too. We had a club sandwich that was more burger than sandwich, and of course a beer. No asking for ID here! I suppose it’s a bit hard when all you have to say is you left it in the car 3000ft below in the car park! There’s some nice geology up here as well – what you’d expect from millions of years of twisting, turning, pulling and pushing of rock.

After lunch we took the gondola back down, had a browse of the gift shop where Julie and Harrison got some souvenir skiing shirts, and then it was time for the drive to our hotel for the night near the airport. Makes for an easy getaway tomorrow to head back over the border into Nevada.

(Double-click photos below for full size)


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