The Biggest Little City in the World – Reno, NV

With only a few weeks until we move into our townhouse we decided to do a longer road trip than usual and make a full weekend of it. This time we headed 4 hours west to “the biggest little city in the world” – Reno. Reno sits not far from the border with California and is hidden in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. There is still snow on the highest peaks of the Sierras, but another 2-3 weeks and I think it will have all melted. Some people say Reno is a small Las Vegas – there’s certainly a lot of casinos around the city.

One of the attractions of going to Reno was to watch our first baseball game. Reno has the Aces Minor Baseball League Club and they were playing a round of home games that weekend against the El Paso Chihuahuas from Texas. We decided to splash out and get the premium seats right behind the batting plate and in the section where they have full food and drinks service (not that we knew this at the time of booking the tickets) but it came in handy! As you can see from the panoramic photo below, our hostess Debbie was excited we were there!

Panoramic photo of our seats at the Reno Aces - Debbie's excited!
Panoramic photo of our seats at the Reno Aces – Debbie’s excited!

The stadium filled up to about 90% capacity after about the 2nd innings and from there it was quite exciting until the Chihuahuas started to get a lead on the Aces. From about the 6th it was obvious the Aces were up against it. Only once during the game did they load the bases but couldn’t manage to bring them home. Still, it was an exciting game to watch except for the few females sitting in front of us who spent more time on their mobile phones and talking about their previous nights out than watching the game.

At the game complete with our supporters apparel!
At the game complete with our supporters apparel!
An action shot - Aces fielding
An action shot – Aces fielding

Saturday was going to be a day at the zoo about 30 minutes north of Reno, but we decided it was probably better if we left that for when it’s cooler as it was going to be 36 degrees. An indoor activity was the order of the day so we headed for the Science Discovery Centre which was only 10 minutes walk from the hotel. We arrived a little before the 10am opening time and already people were arriving behind us, obviously as they had the same idea to escape the heat. Once inside we visited all the exhibitions, most of which were “hands-on” with activities which is the whole purpose of the Centre. The featured exhibition was of Sue, the world’s most complete T-Rex skeleton.

Sue the T-Rex
Sue the T-Rex

No one knows if Sue is an actual female or not, in fact, no one knows the sex of any T-Rex as there is not enough evidence from the 22 skeletons in museums today, but this one is called Sue after the lady who found her. Whilst traveling in remote South Dakota, a palaeontologist called Sue Hendrickson had a flat tire. While some of her friends went for help, she decided to use the time to walk over some nearby hills. After cresting one of the hills she came across some bones which lead her to look further. After some initial digging she realised she’d come across something big. It wasn’t until a whole team dug the site did they realise they had discovered the most complete T-Rex skeleton ever found – now named Sue in her honour.

Harrison had fun in the Workshop – a hands-on building workshop where kids could use hand tools and equipment to make things. He ended up making a plane out of a paper towel roll and some wood. Julie decorated it with some Discovery Centre stickers and the lady who was running the workshop thought it was pretty cool.

The afternoon was spent at the hotel swimming in the pool and spa (whirlpool in the US) and dinner was at the Bistro on the ground level. Harrison got his fix of pepperoni pizza while Julie and I shared a Cobb salad (Google it!). Breakfast was at the same place and made up of Starbucks meals which were quiet nice. Each table nook had its own TV to watch – we ended up watching the US version of Deal or No Deal with special guest star Donald Trump! Not sure if it was before he was President, but as we had no sound we couldn’t hear what advice he was giving the contestant, who was in a pretty good position with a bank offer of $199,000. I would have taken the offer and told Donald “he’s fired”!


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