Baseball and guns (not in that order)

As this weekend is a long 4-day weekend, we decided to come back to Reno mainly to watch the Aces play on Sunday night, but to also visit the shooting range. Julie wanted to have a go at shooting a handgun and thought Harrison would benefit from the instruction. After some research during the past few weeks she found Reno Guns and Range and booked us in for a 1 hour personal lesson. They have a large state of the art modern range, complete with gun sales and rental. You can rent anything from a small purse size pistol to a .45 Magnum. Then there’s all the semi-automatic rifles to choose from. As Julie and Harrison hadn’t used a handgun before, they chose it was suggested they use the smaller .22, while I went for the H&K 9mm having had plenty of shooting in the Navy.


As you can see from the final results, Julie’s paper target had a sore shoulder and was mildly scared. Harrison’s was really scared as it didn’t know where the bullets were going to hit next. Mine says it all courtesy of years of practise in the Navy. Harrison enjoyed the experience but said he doesn’t really want to do it again. I think his ear muffs didn’t fit all that well over the safety glasses ear stem and let some of the noise in. He said he couldn’t understand how they used handguns in the movies without ear muffs.

After the range we decided to visit the National Automobile Museum where they have over 100 cars, mainly American makes, all restored to immaculate condition. We were going to visit last time we came to Reno but never got around to it. We’re glad we went this time as it really was worth the visit. So many rare cars all looked after in such great condition. Some of the Rolls-Royce, Porsche and Mercedes must be worth a bit now given their condition and rarity. The photos below are only a small selection of the cars on show.


Tonight is the Aces game which starts at 6:00pm and they play the Albuquerque Isotopes. We’re going to have dinner at the field this time and try out some of the great food on offer. The Aces lost last night but have already made the playoffs, so we’ll have to see how they go tonight though it doesn’t really matter if they win or lose.

*** Update: The Aces lost to the Isotopes but they are the Pacific League Champions and will playoff against other league champions in the coming weeks.


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