Winter? Not quite…

This weekend saw a cold front come through northern Nevada which brought below 0 temperatures and snow. Apparently this weather is not unusual for this time of year as the region had the same last year, nearly to the day. 2 inches of rain preceded the weekend which was very welcome for the ranchers, and helped dump 8-12 inches of snow on the Ruby Mountains just to the south of Elko over Friday and Saturday night. The mountains are now covered in snow again and will probably stay that way until June\July next year.

Whilst it was nice to finally get some colder weather, it wasn’t that great for Harrison’s track day on Saturday where the temperatures started at -2, got to 0 around the time of his events, then slowly made their way to 10 degrees which was the top for the day. He braved it out, competing in three events, but towards the end he couldn’t feel his fingers or toes so it was time to give it a miss after his first long jump attempt. Next week’s meet is in Spring Creek and should be back to normal fall temperatures of 22 degrees during the day, though the mornings are still close to 0.


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