Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevadas

Today is Thanksgiving public holiday. In fact, the whole weekend is a holiday of sorts, with most people having Friday off to make it a 4-day weekend. Knowing this many months ago we decided to have a short holiday over the weekend and so booked a AirBnB at Incline Village on the shores of Lake Tahoe. We managed to get a nice self-contained ‘condo’ as they call them, complete with fireplace, in a complex of about 100 condos. You wouldn’t think there’s 100 here given the way they’re spaced out with pine trees all around.

McCloud Condos, Incline Village
McCloud Condos, Incline Village

About 5 mins from the condo is Mt Rose ski area which currently has 5 lifts operating and a good base of 40″ of snow. We gave some thought to having a day skiing the slopes, but once we saw the price ($165 ea) we decided the free area by the side of the road would do just fine. The owner of the condo provides a fews sleds during winter (and mountain bikes during summer) so off we went this morning to join the others on the slope. We all had a go at the sled, though it’s obvious gravity likes weight, so I was the quickest to get to the bottom. As every action has an opposite and equal reaction, it took me the longest to trudge back up to the top. Because of my weight, I generally sank into the snow which made walking uphill murder. That, combined with an altitude of 8000′, and the lungs were screaming for air. The lady next to us could only manage 5 steps at a time before it was rest time.

On the way to the snow there’s a good lookout that allows you to see Lake Tahoe at it’s best. The lake straddles the border between Nevada and California. We’re still on the Nevada side, but a short 10 minute drive would see us in California. The Sierra Nevadas is the mountain range to surrounds Lake Tahoe and has some of the best skiing in the US. The snow at the moment is just above Incline Village, though in the coming weeks it will cover the village to several feet thick. It would normally be snowing now but for this week some unusually warm weather has hit the region with the temps during the day reaching 15 degrees C. Usually it would struggle to get above 0 this time of year. Of course, next week it’s set to snow and the roads here are being prepared with the 10′ road markers so you can see where the road is when covered with snow. They do a good job of keeping the roads plowed, but some days it just snows that much they can’t keep up.

Lake Tahoe looking across to California
Lake Tahoe looking across to California

With all the trees around the condo, it’s no doubt there’s lots of squirrels. I spent this afternoon tracking a few down for some photos. They are quick little things that just can’t sit still (unless there’s food to be had) so you’ve got to be quick. It’s like their feet are on a hot tin roof as they bounce and jump on the spot, for what reason I don’t know.


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