Xmas Road Trip, Day 1 – Ogden, Utah

Doug and Di flew into LAX yesterday morning, though there was a slight hiccup transferring to the flight to Salt Lake City. I think they underestimated the distance to walk from the International Terminal to the Domestic Terminal and managed to miss their flight. Luckily, Delta put them on the wait list for the next flight 1 hour later, and with 5 minutes to go to flight departure, their seats came through. As I was passing the airport at Salt Lake about the time they were due to land, I picked them up while Julie checked into the hotel as she’d come across from Elko the day before. There’s a lot of work going on at the airport at the moment, so I had to park in the economy car park and catch a bus to the terminal. Luckily, I arrived with about 15 minutes to spare and waited until they arrived at the baggage carousel. A 30 minute drive to Ogden from the airport and we arrived at the hotel just before 4pm. As Doug and Di were tired from the flight (they got about 3 hours sleep), we had an early dinner, a walk up the street for a coffee, then off to bed.

Today we decided we’d go to Snow Basin about 25 minutes from Ogden through the Ogden Canyon. We’d visited there in June and enjoyed a lunch at the summit of the mountain. Of course it wasn’t ski season then, however, today it was packed with skiers being the start of the ski season. The gondola ride to the summit is also a ski lift, and the line up was about a 25 minute wait. We decided to give it a miss and grabbed a coffee instead. After a look through the gift shop at over priced T-shirts and ski gear, we headed back down through the canyon and went to Applebee’s for lunch. It’s a restaurant chain that does steaks, burgers, chicken and other meals, similar to Hog’s Breath in Australia. We ordered our meals and had the usual age check as we bought some alcoholic drinks. Not only did our waitress have to check our licenses, but the manager had to come out and double-check them, as well as scan them. That’s the law in Utah and anyone over the age of 21 will be asked for ID, no matter how old you are. After lunch we headed to the outdoor store as I think Doug and Di realised just how cold it’s going to get in Wyoming when the manager at Applebee’s told us “it’s real cold up there!”. They both got some warmer boots, as well as insulated gloves for -20 degrees.

Back to the hotel mid-afternoon for a nap (Doug and Di) and a visit to the gym (me) and a swim in the pool and soak in the spa (Julie). Tonight will be dinner out somewhere near the hotel as we’re in downtown Ogden, then a walk to the Christmas Markets in the Historic District about 4 block away.

There’s a winter warning for tomorrow with about 5″ of snow predicted, so we should see some more snow when we wake tomorrow.


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