Xmas Road Trip, Day 2 – Odgen, Utah

Today was all about museums. We ended up visiting several as it was an indoors day due to the snow. It started lightly in the morning, but just before lunch is came down heavy making for slippery and wet conditions. Lucky for us we’d planned on spending the morning in the warmth of the Hill Air Force Base Museum just down the road in South Ogden. We’ve been there before but we knew Doug and Di would enjoy it given the number and type of planes on display. We were lucky enough to have the whole museum to ourselves for the majority of the time we were there, and even got a special guided tour from Bill, who is ex-Air Force and now a volunteer at the museum. You could tell Bill knew and loved his planes as he was able to rattle off every statistic about the plane’s speed, bomb size, and the guns each carried. After 21 years in the Air Force, I imagine you get to know a bit about planes.

After the museum it was time for lunch and drive through the snow to Red Robin. It’s a gourmet burger place where Julie and I shared some fish tacos. Not a burger exactly but we do like the fish tacos which are popular over here.

After lunch we headed back towards the hotel in downtown Ogden to visit the Union Station Museum which is actually four museums in one. The main museum is all about Union Station (Ogden’s early railway station) and the Transcontinental Railway which ran across the US (through Ogden, across a large bridge built across the Great Salt Lake, and on towards Elko and beyond). Also in the same large building (which is the old, original Union Station building) is the Browning Museum that houses several dozen of the guns John Browning is famous for. Just about every gun today to can be traced to a gun that Browning designed, including many of the large caliber machine guns used today. When John Browning died, his son, Val, took over the company until his death in 1994. There’s another Browning that fits into the story as well, but suffice it to say it was a family business, and a successful one at that. The Browning 1911 pistol is a design that the 1911 pistol of today still follows.

Tomorrow sees us on the road for just over 4 hours in order to get to Jackson, Wyoming. There’s a winter storm warning for tomorrow afternoon and goes right through Xmas Day, so we’ll try to get away from Ogden no later than 9:30am so we can get to Jackson before the storm hits. They’re saying it could drop 10″ of snow making some roads impassable until the plows get a chance to clean them up. Stay tuned…


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