Xmas Road Trip, Day 3 – Utah to Idaho to Wyoming

Today was one of the bigger travel days on the road trip, however the distance wasn’t that great, but the time it took was long due to the snow and ice conditions. After leaving Ogden at about 9:30am, we headed to a sports store to get Doug some insulated snow pants. He was convinced he needed some as I mentioned over breakfast the overnight temperature in Jackson was -26C. That sealed it for him.

After finishing shopping we headed north through the Utah valleys to Pocatello in Idaho where we decided to stop and have lunch. The coldest it got along the way was -21C and the roads became quite icy for a couple of miles. Of course lunch was at Applebee’s as we’ve enjoyed stopping there on our trip. Once off the interstate to go into Pocatello the roads weren’t as well plowed so we had to change into 4WD to get to Applebee’s. Julie’s Jeep Grand Cherokee does it automatically so she didn’t feel a thing, but in the RAM 1500 I have to press a button and wait for the transfer case to engage. While waiting for it to change I had fun sliding in the icy conditions. Lunch was the usual burger (excellent) and fries (even better).

Once on the road again, it was a good run until just past Idaho Falls where the roads become less ‘interstate’ and more ‘country roads’, but still in good condition. Then we started the slow climb over the lower mountain ranges before hitting the main Teton Range and Pass. Along the way we managed to see two moose on the side of the road. The road had been plowed earlier in the day so it wasn’t too bad, though as we started to climb the main range I could feel the back of the car sliding, so it was into 4WD again for me. For then on it was easy driving once all the wheels had grip. We were both quite impressed with how the cars handled given the conditions. Coming down the Teton Range was quite slow as a car ahead was taking it easy and rightly so given the 10% gradient. We were then soon into Jackson where we bought some supplies and checked in to the Wyoming Inn.

Dinner tonight is pizza in the room in front of the fire while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Merry Xmas everyone!


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