Xmas Road Trip, Days 6&7 – Jackson & Idaho Falls

Yesterday was a day of disasters. Well, not disasters as such, but several of our plans “didn’t go to plan”. We’d decided to go visit Old Faithfull in Yellowstone Park, the geyser that erupts 300 feet into the air every 90 minutes. But when I mentioned this to the concierge he gave me a strange look. He said “are you going on the snowmobile tour?”. I said ” no, we’re going to drive there, park in the carpark and walk to the viewing area”. He said “you can’t do that!”. I said “well we’re going to drive there soon”.  Wondering why he would say that I did some more research on driving to Yellowstone. As it turns out, most of Yellowstone Park is closed during winter, including the South Gate, which is where we would have entered. Now I knew what he was going on about. There went our plans for the day!

As an alternative Julie suggested we go to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and ride the gondola to the summit as sort of a ‘dress rehearsal’, as we had a lunch booking for the following day. So, off we went to Teton Village to find the gondola station. As it turns out, the gondola is also a ski lift of sorts and you have to do everything skiers do to ride it. That includes parking your car, riding the bus to the terminal, getting off, buying tickets, and lining up to ride the gondola to the summit. The problem was the gondola had experienced a ‘malfunction’ so we couldn’t go up the top. There went Plan B!

So, back to Jackson we went with the good idea of visiting the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Only problem was, you had to pay to get in, and as I’m not a real art buff, I’d rather save my money for something else. So, back to Jackson we went (again). We found a car park near town (which is normally very busy) and decided to find somewhere for lunch. After a bit of a walk around town we found a upmarket cafe and had lunch. Of course, keeping with the location, I had the elk sausage in a hot dog style lunch. Very nice!

After lunch Julie and Harrison decide to try the snow tubing at the resort in the middle of town. For $20 (Julie) and $14 (Harrison), they both got to slide down the snow slopes in a big tube which was a lot of fun. I was the offical photographer so willingly sat on the sidelines taking the odd video.

Dinner was Japanese style noodles and sushi across the road from the hotel followed by a walk through town to see the Xmas lights and grab some souvenirs. We took a few photos at the market square under the antler arch and of the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, a famous Jackson landmark where you sit at the bar on saddles. A quick coffee at Starbucks (better than the usual Starbucks!) along with some salted chocolate peanuts, some more photos, then it was time for bed.

Today we left Jackson after having our gondola ride up the mountain (it was working!) to have lunch and now we’re in Idaho Falls where it’s actually colder than Jackson. The whole of upper North America is getting Arctic conditions and we’re in for it overnight. I won’t tell you what we’re doing tomorrow just in case I jinx ourselves.





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