Xmas Road Trip, Days 9, 10 & 11, Idaho to Southern Utah

The past few days have been mostly driving in order to get us closer to Las Vegas. On Saturday 30th we drove from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City in order to have New Years near some celebrations. On the Saturday and Sunday we spent the day looking around the area near the hotel which was downtown SLC. Given the time of year not everything was open but we did manage to find some shops (Barnes & Noble Bookstore) as well as the Planetarium where we watched a show on Black Holes. We also took a walk around The Gateway, a new shopping and condo precinct centered on the old Union train station, which now houses markets on a Sunday.

New Year’s Eve was uneventful with all of us going to bed at 9:00am, however Harrison stayed up until 11:55pm when he woke Julie for the fireworks show which was visible out our hotel window. I woke to the sound of the fireworks, took a quick look just to confirm they were like all the other fireworks I’ve seen in my life, then promptly went back to sleep.

Today was a 3 hour drive from SLC to Cedar City in southern Utah which gets us that little bit closer to Vegas. Only a four more days and the road trip will be over, having clocked up just short of 2000 miles while visiting five states (Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana & Nevada).



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