Family Portrait – Sherman Station

It’s been a while since our last family portraits (if you don’t count the photo of us all on Santa’s knee for Xmas 2016), so we decided to take some ourselves this morning. An ideal setting is Sherman Station, just down the road from us about 1 mile. Sherman Station and the outbuildings were relocated from 60 miles south of Elko in 1997 and is now the Elko Visitor’s Center. The stable, the oldest structure, dates to 1880. A barbed wire collection, horseshoe exhibit, branding iron display and several types of horse-drawn carriages are all housed within the restored log building. The blacksmith’s shop houses a permanent static display that includes a hand crank forge and blacksmith tools. The creamery is equipped with the containers and equipment that the Walther Family would have used to separate and store milk and by products. The one room schoolhouse is ready for class to begin. A teacher’s desk, a pot belly stove, a map and a blackboard have restored the building to the way that it may have looked 100 years ago.

The portrait photos turned out well and aren’t bad considering we used a tripod and the 10 second timer on the camera to get the group shots.

Elko is very busy this weekend with the annual Cowboy Poetry Festival in full swing. The streets down town are full of cowboys walking around and visiting the various shops, and I’m sure the casinos and bars are full of an evening. Many of the old cowboy saloons have put on evening music with fiddlers, banjo- and guitar-playing musicians.


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