Skiing Pomerelle, Idaho

Since we didn’t get much time to go skiing on our Xmas road trip, we thought we’d put all those hotel loyalty points we earned towards a few free nights in Twin Falls, Idaho, about 2.5 hours from Elko. In early January we took a punt at choosing this weekend for the visit given it’s President’s Day public holiday tomorrow and gives us all an extra long weekend.

Just over an hour to the east of Twin Falls is Pomerelle ski field, a small but friendly resort with a rustic feel. So much better than those flash resorts in Utah where your ski fees help pay for the chandeliers. We booked Harrison in for a one hour private lesson, mainly as he missed out on the six weeks of lessons in Elko due to a lack of snow. Well, there was a lack of snow earlier this year but in the past two weeks we’ve had some reasonable snow, and this weekend has seen the heaviest snow for many months. Timed that well! It also means that later this week we’re headed for record-breaking temperatures of -20c.

The drive to Pomerelle was a bit dicey as half of it was on an interstate, though the snow plows had yet to clear the road. It was a mixture of snow and ice, resulting in a few cars off the side of the road. Not the sort of conditions for 2WD cars. Climbing up the mountain to the ski field was basically on snow and ice and the Grand Cherokee’s automatic 4WD was a god send, turning on when there was the slightest slip. Coming down was a different story though as ABS just doesn’t like ice! Several times the car wanted to go straight when there was a corner. Pumping the brake while accelerating did the job so the 4WD kicked in.

Tomorrow we head home and there’s more snow predicted as well as -15 degrees. Should be an interesting drive home.


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