Pacific storm hits northern Nevada

The weather bureau got it right this time. They predicted a storm forming over the Pacific would sweep in over the north-west of the US and drop several feet of snow. Last night the interstate between California and Nevada that crosses the Sierra Nevadas was closed and this morning the snow made it to Elko. The conditions were near white-out just after dawn and as a result the schools in the district were closed. Harrison wasn’t that lucky with Elko schools remaining open after they delayed the start for 2 hours while the plows cleared the roads.

For us and the neighbour it was time to get out and clear the sidewalks, something you’re obliged to do so people don’t slip over. I went for a walk afterwards and took some photos of the cemetery near our house and of the roads around the area. If the bureau is right again (twice in a row?!) we’ll get even more snow tonight and tomorrow morning making it about 2 feet of snow in total.


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