Harrison’s trip to Washington DC

For this year’s annual WorldStride’s trip, two local middle schools went to Washington DC and the surrounding areas for just over a week. For Harrison this was going to be a trip of a lifetime, mainly given all the places they intended to visit. Most were historical related like the Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and Arlington Cemetery. So, along with about 40 other students and 10 parents and teachers, the group left Elko early on a Sunday morning in May.

From the carpark of the school the bus departed at about 1:30am for Salt Lake City airport in Utah. We offered to drive Harrison over the previous day and stay in a hotel, but he wanted to join his friends on the bus knowing it would be more exciting. Given the day ahead, I think they were all advised to sleep but I imagine not much of that went on. Their mid-morning flight from SLC left on time direct to Baltimore, arriving late afternoon local time. So as not to waste too much time, they travelled directly from the airport to some war memorials nearby, visiting several just before dinner. Each night was to be spent at a hotel near to where they planned to visit the next few days and dinner was arranged at local places nearby.

Visiting the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool was a highlight for Harrison, as was the visit to Thomas Jefferson’s house and George Washington’s estate, Mount Vernon. At Arlington Cemetery they watched the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown solider. They also visited historic villages like Williamsburg and Yorktown. As you can imagine, to get to all these places in 6 days meant lots of driving in the tour bus, but also lots of walking during the day through exhibits, museums and buildings. Last year the trip walked just over 40 miles in total. I’m sure the trip this year did much the same.

On the following Friday we drove to Salt Lake City in order to meet Harrison on the Saturday evening at the airport. We thought after all the travelling during the week he’d appreciate one less bus trip back to Elko in the middle of the night.



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