New York, New York! – Day 1

After a reasonably uneventful journey from Salt Lake City To NY, we arrived at JFK 5 minutes late due to local weather, but then had to sit on the tarmac for 30 minutes while we were allocated a gate. We picked our bags up and ordered an Uber who arrived within 3 minutes and took us on our 1 hour journey through Queens, Brooklyn and into New York’s Financial District to where we’re staying in New York. A big shout out to the Residence Inn New York Downtown Manhattan\World Trade Center for putting us up in one of their large studio rooms. Such a prime location for exploring the Financial District of New York. We were warmly welcomed by Jessica who did a great job of telling us all about the hotel and its ammenities. A late dinner was had at the Malthouse across the road before we retired for the night at about 11pm. A late night for us!

After a sleep-in till 8am we headed downstairs for the free breakfast before venturing about 2 blocks to the 9/11 memorial and museum. The foundations of the Twin Towers have been replaced with waterfalls surrounded by metal plates showing the names of those who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks, along with those responding to the event. Underneath the waterfalls is a newly built museum which houses many remnants from the towers as well as stories of the event that happened during the following days. It’s quite eerie to see the foundations of the buildings knowing they once climbed several hundred meters above. Many pieces of the building are on display, some still in their original spot. The hotel we’re staying at would have been covered with all the dust and debris from the collapse and some of the newsreel footage showed what happened in the area we’re staying.

After lunch (east Indian Kati rolls) we headed down Broadway to Wall St and further to the pier (Battery Park) where the ferries leave to view the Statue of Liberty. It was too windy for us to head out on the boats, so we had to be happy seeing the statue from afar. We might take a trip in the coming days when the wind dies down, though the temps start to drop from today with some snow tomorrow afternoon. We completed the walk by heading up West St back towards the 9/11 memorial where Harrison and I visited Oculus shopping mall and the Apple Store (on 2 levels). Julie headed off to Gap,  which is below our hotel, and we later rendezvoused back at the hotel.

As with most trips, it was time to do some washing in the guest laundry. We didn’t pack as much knowing we’d be able to wash some clothes while here in NY. We all managed to travel with only 2 suitcases which is amazing considering just how many clothing situations we have have to be prepared for.  Dinner tonight is Bill’s Bar & Burger just down the road and a stroll back through the lights of the local parks.


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